Hello Gorgeous!

My name is

Sal Harper

and I am an
Infidelity Recovery Specialist.

Hello Gorgeous!

My name is

Sal Harper

and I am an
Infidelity Recovery Specialist.

Betrayal Trauma

The discovery of infidelity, whether a one-time occurrence or the result of pornography/sexual addiction, is excruciating. The fallout that is triggered can be painful and ongoing. Complete recovery from this traumatizing experience is slow and in many cases, Rare… leaving women confused, uncertain and in complete chaos.

Due to the stigma tied to infidelity, many women suffer in silence opting to bury, hide or compartmentalize their pain, never seeking true healing to process their grief.

As a result, toxic patterns are carried over into the next relationship or unresolved hurt & anger resurface as bitterness & resentment in the current relationship.

If you are struggling in this type of situation, you’ve come to the right place!

You can stop
suffering in silence

Through personal experience and specialized professional recovery, I provide 1-on-1 coaching, local & online support groups and a private recovery program for those that are struggling and searching for a confidential method to recover and heal from betrayal.

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“I came to Sal seeking advice about my porn addicted fiance. Her ‘Perfect Mate’ exercise helped me gain clarity BEFORE I made the mistake of repeating the cycle and marrying into a toxic relationship.”
Lynn S. ~ Connecticut

“Sal has the most amazing ability to dive deep down with the perfect questions leading me to multiple Ah-ha moments!”
Heather H. ~ Texas

“I have never done any type of coaching before so I didn’t know what to expect. I was scared and excited at the same time. The tools I learned helped me move past betrayal, sexual trauma and hardships.”
Stephanie G. ~ Florida

Meet Sal

Sal Harper is an Infidelity Recovery Specialist who experienced “crisis” in her own marriage. She experienced first-hand the lies, deceit and emotional trauma that infidelity & pornography/sexual addiction took in her own marriage.

Sal suffered in silence, not knowing who or where to turn for guidance. She lived with guilt & shame as she discovered the sexual integrity of her husband had been compromised.

Rather than sit in a therapist’s office for years with minimal progress, spinning her wheels, waiting for… Who-Knows-What to happen, she took matters into her own hands.

Too many sleepless nights had been wasted, lying in bed next to him, questioning whether she should stay or leave. Throughout the day, she couldn’t concentrate on the simplest tasks as intrusive thoughts constantly invaded her mind.

Thoughts about Her kept occupying Sal’s attention with questions like: Is she prettier than me? Where did they meet for their trysts? Where was I? What else did he do with her? How many times? Wasn’t I enough? Does he love her? How could I ever trust my husband again?

When she found a support group to rescue her from her suicidal thoughts & deep depression, listening to the stories of other betrayed women woke her from the nightmare that she spent way too much time worrying about unrealistic conjecture.

Sal decided to stop squandering precious time wallowing in his exploits. She felt like her marriage and twenty-one years of her life had just been thrown down the drain like yesterday’s leftovers.

Sal’s journey of deep healing and recovery had begun.

Since her discovery, Sal has spent a considerable amount of time, money and resources receiving specialized training, coaching and professional education helping betrayed women recover from their shocking & devastating ordeal.

Today, Sal is passionate in helping others overcome infidelity through one-on-one coaching​, local & online support groups and a Private Training Program that enables women to move through their pain FASTER in order to create a healthier, happier & more abundant life.

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